We are here to assist in the design and implementation of a safety management system in your organisation or in providing specific support as listed below. Please contact us if you have an enquiry about any of our services.

After discussion with you about your project needs and agreement of objectives, we will work with you and relevant teams/individuals to provide the best solutions for your project.

Project Supervision

Project Supervision Design Process - P.S.D.P.

We will work with you the client (homeowner, architect or designer) and others to ensure all safety needs are met at the design stage of the project.

 This will include

  • meeting with designers and client to discuss the project
  • writing the Preliminary Safety Plan (before work begins) and
  • carrying out site visits on an ad-hoc or timed basis
  • compiling Safety File
Project Supervision Construction Stage – P.S.C.S.
We will help to ensure the build is carried out in a safe manner and in keeping with the role of the PSCS as defined in the regulations. This will include:

  • Writing the construction stage plan and necessary method statements
  • Reviewing each sub-contractor’s safety documentation
  • Carrying out site visits on an agreed time basis
  • Completing formal audits of the site during these visits to ensure compliance with the Construction Regulations 2013

Useful Link: Guidelines on the Procurement, Design and Management Requirements of the Safety health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 (Updated)


Safety Statements

Under the legislation, if you are an employer with three or more employees you must have a Safety Statement. This is a written document which specifies how health and safety is going to be managed within the business and it is the cornerstone of effective health and safety management in any business. The Safety Statement will also contain your policy and risk assessments and the controls required to minimise the risks from the hazards in the workplace, as well as detailing the names of those responsible for putting them into practice.

The Safety Statement must be reviewed and, if necessary, amended as required. This should be done on an annual basis or more frequently if for example your business changes and your employees are exposed to new hazards (e.g. Covid-19)

We can prepare a Safety Statement for your organisation or for you as a self-employed person.  Alternatively, we can update your existing Statement to take account of changes in your business or changes in legislation.

Useful Link: Health and Safety at Work Act 2005

Method Statements & Risk Assessments

We can also prepare a method statements and risk assessments for your business or for particular activities. Such documents will detail how tasks will be carried out, identify hazards and risks associated with each task as well as control measures to eliminate/minimise those risks.  As with all our work, input from you, the client, and your team will be essential to this work.

Useful Link: Health and Safety at Work Act 2005

Safety Files

A safety file must be provided to the client(homeowner/business/organisation) where the construction/renovation project takes more than 30 days or 500+ man days in total.

The Safety File is a record of information, prepared by the project supervisor design process for the end user, which focuses on safety and health.  After the completion of the project, it will be handed over to the Client, who will act as a custodian until it is needed for maintenance, alteration or demolition after project completion.

The information it contains will alert those who are responsible for the structure and services in it of the significant safety and health risks that will need to be addressed during subsequent maintenance, repair or other construction work including demolition.

We can compile this file for you even if it requires working from records that may need to be organized.  If necessary, our work will include follow-up with sub-contractors and suppliers to collect original or copy documents and information that is needed for the Safety File.

Alternatively, if you already have the necessary source documentation, we can produce a professional finished documentation.


Other Services

Incident & Accident Investigation & Reporting

We can investigate any incident or accident, compiling a comprehensive report including the causes, listing the necessary steps or changes needed to existing processes or procedures already detailed in your safety documentation.  Where necessary we will communicate with the HSA on your behalf.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2016 all employers and self-employed persons are legally obliged to report the injury of an employee as a result of an accident while at work. Injuries must be reported if your employee is unable to carry out their normal work for more than three consecutive days, excluding the day of the accident.

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Useful Links: Guidance on the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Reporting of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences) Regulations 2016


If you are a business with fewer than 20 employees planning to build a safety management system and tender for larger contracts using SMP 20 we can help produce the necessary files and guide you to compliance.

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